Thursday, January 3, 2013

Applying the Peak-End-Rule to Teaching

The chronicle of higher education has an advise section that proposes to apply a psychological concept, the peak-end rule, to how to teach classes (or maybe how to get good ratings), check out "Mind the 'Peak-End' Rule".

If you don't know the article by Kahneman, D., B. L. Fredrickson, C. A. Schreiber, and D. A. Redelmeier, “When More Pain Is Preferred to Less: Adding a Better End,” Psychological Science,
IV (1993), 401–05, check it out; see also Kahneman, Daniel, Peter P.Wakker and Rakesh Sarin, "Back to Bentham? Explorations of Experienced Utility", The Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 1997.

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