Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to help Women negotiate

This could have been a great April 1 post, only, it isn't...

Holly Wilson (I think) writes 

"This is a jab at the insanity of sexism. So when you go to a meeting you can say, “alright, if all that separates us is a dick, then here is mine. Now lets get down to business, the playing field is level.” It is absurd that being a woman still garners unequal treatment and pay – so here is an absurd retort to that problem.

Though there’s humor here, there’s also a real statement, “here is what’s been keeping me from a job, or equal pay or fare treatment. Being devalued because of an appendage that I don’t have.” Bringing your dick to the table is all about you. It’s not going to change another persons opinion of you, but it can remind you that you are as good or even better and deserve to be sitting at that table, getting that job, making that same pay.

If you’ve ever needed that extra ounce of courage to compete, negotiate or just have your voice heard, this may be for you.

There are negative voices in our society, our culture, maybe even your own family that can corrupt your inner monologue. If holding a small bronze dick and laughing at those voices, those fears helps you overcome them, then why not?

This is not a symbol; it is just a humorous talisman to remind us sexism is ridiculous.

Lets move the mountain, make changes and laugh wildly!

Kickstarter Story

If all that separates us is a dick, then here is mine… Now lets get down to business.

Last year I was in a situation that brought me to this point here today.

I had worked out an agreement with a gallery to show my art and then after one sold he tried to change the terms. My heart and my feet went heavy; my lips went dry. I reached for my lip balm and zing! I thought I could let this take me over OR I could hold onto my “dick” and negotiate as the equal I am, not how he was treating me, like some kid who didn’t know any better.

And it worked!

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves we are equal and that we should be treated fairly in all we do in our life. Now I carry mine all the time for when I need that reminder and a little shot of courage.

This is about your inner voice

Your strength

Remembering you are more powerful than you know

And quite honestly I laugh every time I reach for my keys and touch my dick instead."

It's a kickstarter project