Monday, January 4, 2016

ASSA: Gender sessions on Jan 04

Today I present at the ASSA session, looks like a great session!

Jan 04, 2016 8:00 am, Hilton Union Square, Continental Ballroom 4
American Economic Association
Gender at Work: Evidence from Experimental Economics (C9, J7)

Presiding: CATHERINE ECKEL (Texas A&M University)

Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning In
CHRISTINE EXLEY (Stanford University)
MURIEL NIEDERLE (Stanford University)
LISE VESTERLUND (University of Pittsburgh)

A University-Wide Field Experiment on Gender Differences in Job Entry Decisions
ANYA SAMEK (University of Southern California)

Born to Lead? Gender Differences in Incentive Provision and Its Evaluation
ALEXANDRA VAN GEEN (Erasmus University)
OLGA SHURCHKOV (Wellesley College)

Gender Differences in Negotiation by Communication Method
ADAM GREENBERG (University of California-San Diego)
RAGAN PETRIE (George Mason University)

Stress and the gender difference in willingness to compete
THOMAS BUSER (University of Amsterdam)
ANNA DREBER ALMENBERG (Stockholm School of Economics)
JOHANNA MOLLERSTROM (George Mason University)

CHRISTINE EXLEY (Stanford University)
ANAT BRACHA (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
KATHERINE COFFMAN (Ohio State University)
ALEXANDRA VAN GEEN (Erasmus University)

Then there is

Jan 04, 2016 10:15 am, Marriott Marquis, Walnut
Association for the Study of Generosity in Economics/International Association for Feminist Economics
Gender and Altruistic Decisions (D6, J1)
Presiding: CATHERINE ECKEL (Texas A&M University)

Making Decisions for Others: The Consequences of Gender Stereotypes
CATHERINE ECKEL (Texas A&M University)

Finding Excuses to Decline the Ask: A Field Experiment
RAGAN PETRIE (George Mason University)
CHRISTINE EXLEY (Harvard University)

The Importance of Fuzzy Beliefs
KATHERINE COFFMAN (Ohio State University)
MURIEL NIEDERLE (Stanford University)

Mitigating Gender Gaps in Competitiveness and the Response to Performance Feedback: Evidence from Randomized Educational Interventions
SULE ALAN (University of Essex)
SEDA ERTAC (Koc University)

JONATHAN MEER (Texas A&M University)

Jan 04, 2016 10:15 am, Hilton Union Square, Continental – Parlor 3 
American Economic Association
Education and Gender (I2, J1)
Presiding: SHULAMIT KAHN (Boston University)

The STEM Gender Gap: Evidence from the CA State Science Fair
NANNEH CHEHRAS (University of California-Irvine)

Educational Mobility across Three Generations of American Women
SARAH KROEGER (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
OWEN THOMPSON (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Student Appearance and Class Performance
CHRISTINA PETERS (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
REY HERNANDEZ-JULIAN (Metropolitan State University of Denver)

The Math Gender Gap: The Role of Culture
NÚRIA RODRÍGUEZ-PLANAS (City University of New York-Queens College)
ALMUDENA SEVILLA (Queen Mary University of London)

SHULAMIT KAHN (Boston University)
GARY SOLON (University of Arizona)
TANYA ROSENBLAT (University of Michigan)
MARGARET E. BLUME-KOHOUT (New Mexico Consortium and Mount Holyoke College)

Jan 04, 2016 10:15 am, Marriott Marquis, Sierra K 
Union for Radical Political Economics/International Association for Feminist Economics
Gender and Educational Investment (I2)
Presiding: LINDA LUCAS (University of South Florida)

Empowered or Not? Exploring the Conundrum of Increasing Female Schooling and Stagnant Female Labor Market Participation in Japan, China and India
SUCHARITA SINHA MUKERJEE (College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University)

Family Wealth Shock: The Allocation of Property Rights within Marriage and Children’s Education Investment
JING LIU (Central University of Finance and Economics)
LIANGSHU QI (Tsinghua University)

An Early Assessment of Extension of Compulsory School Attendance in Turkey: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
BILGE ERTEN (Northeastern University)

The Pre-School Effects: Analyzing the Causal Effects of Pre-School Attendance on Income, Educational Attainment, and Mother's Labor Force Participation
ALYSSA SCHNEEBAUM (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

LINDA LUCAS (University of South Florida)
LEANNE RONCOLATO (Franklin and Marshall College)

Jan 04, 2016 12:30 pm, Marriott Marquis, Sierra B 
International Association for Feminist Economics
Gendered Responses to Upheaval and Recession (F6)
Presiding: JOYCE JACOBSEN (Wesleyan University)

What are the Implications of Austerity Policy Chosen by the Government of Canada in the Midst of the Great Depression 2008-2009 for Women Workers in the Medium to Long-Run? Gender Analysis of the Socio-Economic Status of Canadian Women Workers and Policy Prescriptions for Select Case Studies
ANA ANDROSIK (New School )

Gender, Class and the Crisis
MARCELLA CORSI (Sapienza University of Rome)
CARLO D’IPPOLITI (Sapienza University of Rome)

The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Gender Inequalities: Evidence from Europe
ESTHER JEFFERS (University of Paris 8)
CAROLE BRUNET (University of Paris 8)

Gender, Socieconomic Status, Time-Use, and the Great Recession in the U.S.
EBRU KONGAR (Dickinson College)
MARK PRICE (Keystone Research Center)

JOYCE JACOBSEN (Wesleyan University)

Jan 04, 2016 2:30 pm, Hilton Union Square, Franciscan C 
American Economic Association
Experimental Gender Economics (C9, D8)
Presiding: MURIEL NIEDERLE (Stanford University)

Affirmative Action and Stereotype Threat
ANAT BRACHA (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
ALMA COHEN (Harvard University)
LYNN CONELL-PRICE (Carnegie Mellon University)

Risk in the Background: How Men and Women Respond
ALEXANDRA VAN GEEN (Erasmus University)

After You: Gender and Group Decision-Making
PEDRO BORDALO (Royal Holloway)
KATHERINE COFFMAN (Ohio State University)
NICOLA GENNAIOLI (Bocconi University)
ANDREI SHLEIFER (Harvard University)

Bursting the Bubble: Gender Differences in Financial Bubbles with Anonymous Traders
CATHERINE ECKEL (Texas A&M University)
SASCHA FÜLLBRUNN (Radboud University)

JOHANNA MOLLERSTROM (George Mason University)
RAGAN PETRIE (George Mason University)
ANYA SAMEK (University of Southern Califiornia)
OLGA SHURCHKOV (Wellesley College)

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