Friday, January 8, 2016

Gender Session online

The ASSA filmed our Session: Gender at Work. You can watch it here. For me, it only works on explorer, but they may eventually fix that. Note also the big (pretty useless) podium, which for some women posed almost a height challenge...

This is the session you can watch:

Gender at Work: Evidence from Experimental Economics (C9, J7)

Presiding: CATHERINE ECKEL (Texas A&M University)

Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning In
CHRISTINE EXLEY (Stanford University)
MURIEL NIEDERLE (Stanford University)
LISE VESTERLUND (University of Pittsburgh)

A University-Wide Field Experiment on Gender Differences in Job Entry Decisions
ANYA SAMEK (University of Southern California)

Born to Lead? Gender Differences in Incentive Provision and Its Evaluation
ALEXANDRA VAN GEEN (Erasmus University)
OLGA SHURCHKOV (Wellesley College)

Gender Differences in Negotiation by Communication Method
ADAM GREENBERG (University of California-San Diego)
RAGAN PETRIE (George Mason University)

Stress and the gender difference in willingness to compete
THOMAS BUSER (University of Amsterdam)
ANNA DREBER ALMENBERG (Stockholm School of Economics)
JOHANNA MOLLERSTROM (George Mason University)

CHRISTINE EXLEY (Stanford University)
ANAT BRACHA (Federal Reserve Bank of Boston)
KATHERINE COFFMAN (Ohio State University)
ALEXANDRA VAN GEEN (Erasmus University)

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