Tuesday, November 19, 2013

AEA: RCT Registry

AEA E-mail Announcement
Dear AEA member:

The AEA has launched a new site to register randomized control trials (RCTs). The AEA encourages all
investigators to register new and existing RCTs. Registration is entirely voluntary and is not currently linked
to or required for submission and publication in the AEA journals.

The site is available at https://www.socialscienceregistry.org

On this site, you can register your forthcoming, ongoing, or even completed RCTs, with as little or as many
details as you wish. The site will also permit you to store and make publicly-available additional information
on your RCTs (reports, articles, data, and code). We believe that this will prove to be a very valuable resource
for investigators to share their work and the site will be widely used by those who wish to find out about
on-going and completed studies.

The registry is characterized by:

1) Simplicity and flexibility: Registering a trial is straightforward with only a minimal number of required fields.
There is considerable flexibility to provide additional material at the time of registration or at any point in the
life of the study. Materials can also be hidden from public view until completion of the study, or be made
accessible only with the permission of the PI.

2) Adjustability and memory: Any registry entry can be amended by the PI at any point, but the registry keeps
track of all versions.

3) Ability to work as a research portal for your RCTs: The registry can serve as an access point for
collaborators, other scholars, students, and the general public providing links to data sets, survey 
instruments, experimental findings, and experimental protocols.

To register a trial, the PI simply needs to enter the following information: PI name, project title, study
location, project status, keyword(s), abstract, trial start and end dates, intervention start and end dates, 
proposed outcome(s), experimental design, whether the treatment is clustered, planned number of 
clusters, planned number of observations, and IRB information. Optional fields allowing the PI to 
customize and enhance the information made available include details on sponsors and partners, 
survey instruments, an analysis plan, and other supporting documents. Help is available if the PI 
encounters any problem.

The AEA registry system will provide the PI with reminders to update the registration of an RCT at
appropriate points in the trial's lifecycle. For example, the submitted end date will trigger an email
asking the PI to enter post-trial information. If the trial has been extended, the PI can update the
trial with the new end date.

We encourage you to explore the registry and to register your RCTs.

The committee on the registry for social experiments
Larry Katz (chair)
Esther Duflo
Pinelopi Goldberg
Duncan Thomas

I talked about this before here

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