Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gender Differences in Competitiveness and Career Choices

In the Fall I gave a lecture on "Gender Differences in Competitiveness" at the Decision Making and Emotion Regulation in Life-Span Transitions Conference organized by The Behavior Change Research Network in Berkeley.

Below you find a video of my talk, my lecture covers the first 55 or so minutes. 

The talk is mostly based on
Niederle, Muriel, and Lise Vesterlund, “Do Women Shy away from Competition? Do Men Compete too Much?,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2007, Vol. 122, No. 3: 1067-1101.


 Buser, Thomas, Muriel Niederle and Hessel Oosterbeek, “Gender, Competitiveness and Career Choices,” November, 2012,online appendix.

I also mention

Gneezy, Uri, Muriel Niederle, Aldo Rustichini, “Performance in Competitive Environments: Gender Differences”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, CXVIII, August 2003, 1049 – 1074.

Niederle, Muriel and Lise Vesterlund, “Gender and Competition”, Annual Review in Economics, 2011, 3, 601–30.

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